International Videocall at Xmas … and more stuff

The video call between students from IES AguasVivas, Spain, and their partner students from Poland, Iraklio (Greece) and Chania (Greece) was a success. We have shared what Covid-19 has meant to us as well as Christmas traditions from all countries.

This video call was the culmination of a series of activities that we have carried out throughout the term. The Spanish students ho have participated in the video call went through a selective process beforehand that consisted in sending a creative video where they exposed the topics to be discussed in the video call. And they have had some linguistic preparation sessions before it.

In the video call, we shared what the Covid-19 has meant to all the students, (let’s not forget that all our partners have returned to lockdown in their countries and students have made the video call from their homes), we have made a perfomance of the Spanish tradition of the New Year’s countdown eating 12 grapes at the pace of the clock chiming, we have also shown a Spanish roscón and turrón… The rest of the students have shared their delicious Christmas dishes, they have sung Christmas carols, we have made a kahoot prepared by the Polish team and have participated in a contest made by the students from Iraklio. And one of our students has been the winner. They’ll send him all the prizes he’s won by post!

Before seeing each other today, beforehand, we have also prepared an international Xmas tree decorated with stockings made by Bachillerato and ESO students. Students from the other schools have also sent their wishes that we have hung beside ours. And we also placed a wish box at the bottom of the tree in which the students from ESO have left their wishes for these holidays in this very complex year!

In addition, behind the scenes, a Hoffman photo album has been produced that summarizes the life of the project until today, including the three face-to-face transnational meetings that we have held so far.

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