Activity 6 – Stereotypes

On the third day, the first activity was about stereotypes. A group of students had been working on this project for a long time. During the creation of the presentation and the kahoot polling, we searched a lot on the internet to gather information, as well as we talked and commented a lot, because stereotypes are kind of subjective, so many different opinions were heard. Huge support was our sociology teacher, because rather than just helping us organize, he provided us with a lot of information and he gave us his opinion on different topics. So during the final day, two students of Chania, Elpida and Lefteris, showed the students a PowerPoint presentation, which was about stereotypes and prejudices. After that, a kahoot polling followed, in which, students had to match each country ( 16 in total ) with one stereotype. The activity closed with our sociology MrSolanakisteacher commenting the polling results.