WHAT: Each working session dedicated to develop the project Passport to Europe would be started with a five minute session of mindfulness. A session of mindfulness with hosting and visiting students and teachers would take place during the transnational meetings.

WHY: Mindfulnessisthebasic human ability to be fullypresent, aware of wherewe are and whatwe’redoing, and notoverly reactive orover whelmed by what’s going on aroundus. It’s wordless.

It’s well-known that practising mindfulness regularly can benefit, in this case, our students. It’s great help when focusing and concentrating on studies,they learn easy techniques to help control anxiety in any situation, it reduces stress, it improves self-esteem, and it helps to improve sleep and energy levels.

    – Every day of that week, we did mindfulness the very first minutes of every session.
    – A external person came to school to carry out the session.