When everybody gathered in the sport field, students from our school performed the self- defence show. Later students were divided into 8 groups – 5 people assigned to one competition. 5 competitions were held all together. The first one was the fight on a reversed bench. Competitors had helmets on their heads and boxing gloves on sticks. Their job was to push the opponent off the bench. The second one was push-ups with the music. The last one to stop was the winner. The third one was throwing rings at traffic cones. The winner was someone who scored the most. Next competition was the group skiing, where the whole group of 5 people wore one pair of skis, then 2 groups raced, and the one which was faster on the finish line won. The last competition was a blindfolded maze, where one person had their eyes covered and one person was navigating them. Having counted the scores it turned out that every group had the same or similar score, therefore every group leader got a medal.