WHAT: Hosting students made a guided tour for the visiting students in the town/city where the school is located. Previously made maps and flyers were handed out during the tour

WHY: By organising this activity students would become aware of their own cultural and historical heritage. We were promoting them to look for specific information and to scan relevant facts about their own city most important sightseeing points. They were fostered to learn how to manage, organise and plan an activity.


Welcome by the mayor of Guadalajara, the Spanish group was the tourist guide around the city of Guadalajara, students’ families invited all of us to a delicious paella.

To start with, the group made up of Carla Alañón, Víctor Lópe, Pablo López, Gema Andújar and Paula Alonso, belonging to Eloísa’ class, presented the planning for the day: to create a guided tour around Guadalajara. ‘Passports’ were handed out to all the students. These ‘passports’ had to be filled with stamps got when visiting or performing several activities along the tour.

The whole group was divided into 5 subgroups so as not interrumpt each other when listening to explanations or moving from one place to another. 

Previous to the beginning of the tour, we received a speech at the town hall’s main room and got some gifts from the mayor. After that, we were given a 15 minute break before the guided tour around the city was initiated. 

Visited places: Cotilla palace, Concordia Park, Alvarfáñez Tower, Infantado palace. In all of these places students gave a speech with a short story of the place and why it is so important for this city.