Third mobility, Poland – Day to day report

SUNDAY, 6th October

On a Sunday morning the Greek team arrived to Balice airport.They were collected by Polish host families and they had lunch.

The Spanish and the Greeks went to Wieliczka Salt Mine where they spent 2 hours of 135 metres underground! Students visited amazing salt lakes, majestic columns andtimber constructions, some statues sculped in salt. They learnt about the history and the secrets of the mine, discovered unusual places and saw with their own eyes the power of human hands that once excavated rock salt.The exterior bewitched all visitors. The highlights was undoubtedly the main St Kinga’s chapel with its huge ceiling and chandeliers – almost 3 kilometres of meandering corridors. Students brought some souvenirs and pictures, which would be an unforgettable reminder of this fantastic place!

In the evening they spent their free time with them partners, some of them went to restaurants and others were having fun with their friends.

MONDAY, 7th October

The second day was not very busy. We were to get to know each other better. We started on Monday with a Welcomi

ng party at school. Mrs Jarzmik welcomed our guests and after that we and our guest students went outsi

de to see a drill- military show led by a uniform class. Everyone was very impressed. Another attraction was the trip to the Ojcowski National Park. Students from our school prepared a tour guide with some questions to understand the history of Ojców better. We saw the Chapel on water and the Castle in Ojców. The next element was the Museum. Students spent there about 1 hour and after that everyone had a task to do. We worked in four groups, which our teacher had created, and we were making a logo of the Ojcowski National Park. Everyone had fun. After that, all the students had a rest for the lunch. The last attraction was walking to the Krakowska Gate.

TUESDAY, 8th October

 It was a day of sightseeingthe Old Town and the Wawel castle in Krakow. At 9am we met our partners next to the Wawel castle dragon. The guide was waiting for us there. Before starting the tour we took a group photo at the famous Wawel dragon in order to remember this time spent together. When our group went to the territory of the castle, everyone was pleasantly surprised by the beauty that we saw around. In the Wawel cathedral we had the opportunity to see royal tombs and many other monuments. Following the Footsteps of the kings we came to the Old town, where we visited the „Sukiennice – Cloth Hall”. After some time we divided into small groups and went to dinner, during which we could get to know each other even better. After that each group went for a walk and learnt more about Krakow.

WEDNESDAY, 9th October

On Wednesday all participants gathered in the school assembly hall and the fourth day of the project began.The first activity was the project: “Eurotravellers in time”.

Then a group of Polish students showed their presentation on Cybercrime, and afterwards everybody performed tasks in groups.Atnoon we saw a report about plants grown in Poland, and later three people from each country planted them in pots and described them. Every country got a purse for seeds that they could take with them.

After the break, everyone could learn about the problem prevailing in Poland – SMOGby seeing the presentation prepared by the students of our school.

The last point of the day was a charity march to Skała market. All students from the school and their partners went to the center to show that this problem is not indifferent to them.

THURSDAY, 10th October

It was a day where Polish students attended regular lessons at school and the visiting schools went on a guided tour of the Auschwitz Museum and Birkenau Camp, the most enduring and dominant symbol of the Holocaust. The group was given insights intovarious exhibits, the kind of lives led by its former inmates, and the infamous gas chambers that were used for mass murder. They experienced the sheer brutality of the Nazi regime, which left them shocked and tearful.




FRIDAY, 11th October

On this day there was a lot of excitement at school. We started the day with 2 activity projects.The first one was mindfulness.It consisted of focusing on relaxing the body and breathing so we had a chance to relax after the week of hard work.

The second activity was about stereotypes. This was group work between different countries. We could get to know our personal opinions and talk about widespread problem of stereotypes.After that it was the time for some bonus attraction which was a show of self-defense organised by the students of the second grade students of the uniform class.

Our guests could see what we learn in these classes.Later, divided in groups, we competed against each other in the Olympic Games, where we had to show our physical fitness, knowledge of foreign languages and willingness to cooperate.

At the end we received certificates of attendance in the Erasmus project. Finally we watched a film about Polish history where the actors were the students from our school.

The day ended with a disco where we had the opportunity to dance and eat delicious food prepared by Polish students and their families.

SATURDAY, 12th October

It was a day whenthe Spanish team left Poland.Students had breakfast at their host families.It was an extra day, some students went to the city center, others spent their free time with host families in different places. The majority went to Krakow, they did some sightseeing and took pictures of the charming and old attractions such as Adam Mickiewicz Monument and Saint Mary’s Basilica which bewitched us with its gothic beauty. Later we explored Grunwald Monument on the Matejki Square. It was autumn season and the trees around the Planty and old buildings made a pleasant atmosphere. After there, we had freetime and we walked around the market square. At the end of the day Polish and Greek teams  accompanied Spanish teamto the Balice airport.The Spanish studentsbrought with them only good and joyful mentions 🙂