Students’ reports – Chania. Spain Mobility

Spain Mobility.

My experience was unique and I think of myself as a very lucky person to have had the chance to live it. The Erasmus program is an opportunity for students to acquire knowledge and new experiences, to discover how other European civilizations live, come in contact with different people and know various customs and traditions. Young people obtain considerable benefits since they sharpen their spiritual horizons and broaden their knowledge. The most important is the opportunity you have to make long-lasting friendships with beautiful people from all over the world! We had a very interesting week in Spain, meticulously organized from the students and teachers of IES Auguas Vivas School. During that week we reinforced values such as equality, tolerance, solidarity and selflessness. The people in Spain were kind and sociable and entertainment was equal to that of Greece. Our cultures are different and yet so similar! They welcomed us wholeheartedly and their hospitality was wonderful. Thanks to this program, I interacted with students from different countries. I made friends and gained knowledge on various subjects. Excursions, adventures and learning new things were in our plans of our week in Spain. It’s an unforgettable experience and I will undoubtedly look for a similar one in the future. /Dimitra/ 

It has almost been two weeks since we returned from our school trip in Spain as part of the Erasmus program, and I still feel that I will wake up hearing the parents of the hosting family speak in Spanish- and of course I couldn’t understand a thing! It is different when you travel with your friends or family. We had the chance to live with the family, to see their habits, to try their food and most of all to realize that a hospitable glance, a warm embrace and an effort to communicate is all that matters. That’s what I experienced with the family and the students of the program. I will never forget their smiley faces, the team spirit activities, the bonds we created and the tears when we left. Images of places may fade but never the moments we shared. I thank the Erasmus program and all the teachers and students of the participating countries- Spain, Poland and Greece. I’m sure we will all be United with a “Viva Espana” for a long time. Our return to Chania was not the end of our relationship but just the beginning. /Anastasia/