WHAT: Hosting students celebrated The Olympic Games for the visiting students during the transnational exchanges. Using national traditional games as inspiration, they prepared cooperative games for the visiting students. The players in each team had to be from different countries. There would be a tasting of a national dish and a match to be played by the whole of students. As hosters for the Olympic Games, they would shape up aspects related to the Games.

WHY: English skills would be improved by developing this activity, coexistence between partners and real interaction were also enhanced here as well as the inclusion of all students, taking into account participants’ particular needs. Their creativity would be strengthened by making up all the parts and they will bring to them healthy habits.

EUROPEAN TRAVELLERS Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5






1. Opening and closing ceremony

2. Location of the Olympic Games and each of the games

3. Map of the OG

4. Olympic flame


1.Reporters. Report every single step your mates take + photos

2. prizes

3. Create a visual product of the process every 10-15 days.

1. hymn

2.organization EU countries

3. mascot (description and handcrafted)

4. Music for the event

5.  Logo

1. 4 Games/ Sports. Ideas: cooperative, new sports, ability games…

  • Description
  • Rules
  • Needs
1. 4 Games/ Sports. Ideas: cooperative, new sports, ability games…

  • Description
  • Rules
  • Needs

– The winners of the race walked from the school the Multiusos palace carrying the Olympic torch, followed by all the sport students grouped in countries.

– We had the torch, the pet “Passportin”, the Olympic flame, symbols of each country (Italians were carrying a pizza, Irish a shamrock, Norwegians a salmon, Portuguese a cock…) faces painted with the corresponding colour, the official Olympic games hymn (composed by them and sung by a student), medals for the winners and badges for everyone with the designed provided by the students. Besides this, all the sport challenges carried out.