Day by day report by host country

2nd Transnational Meeting

Iraklion May 2019


Passport to Europe, students from 3 countries and 4 schools learn about our common heritage. Students know the history of Europe and work together to create cultural and sporting events. ERASMUS + program CA229 with participation from 3 countries and 4 schools. 

Week 5/5/2019 with 11/5/2019 the second meeting at our school with guest schools IES Aguas Vivas from Guadalajara, Spain, GEL El. Venizelos from Chania and Zespol Szkol I Placowek Oswiatowych w Skale from Skala Poland! #ERASMUS

We are the host school! # Pass2EU

On Sunday 5/5/2019 we went to the Aquarium and in the evening we had the opening celebration dinner for all students and teachers. We went to Rogdia and enjoyed traditional food with a spectacular view of the city below.

On Monday 6/52019 a traditional music and dance was included in the official welcome at the school. Afterwards we had a guided tour of the city center that started from the Venetian walls and ended at the harbor fortress at Koule. We also enjoyed and educated ourselves with the interactive exhibits of the Heraklion Municipality InfoPoint spot.

On Tuesday 7/5/2019 we were at school for program activities. We learned about cyber security with CyberHelpers, danced and defied Stereotypes, planted the Seeds of Europe together, and rested with mindfulness. The day ended with a visit and guided tour to the impressive Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

On Wednesday 8/5/2019 the program had cultural activities. Guided tour and visit to Knossos and then lunch and stroll at Anogia. The students were impressed by the history, the scenery and the food!

In between Knossos and Anogia we had time to participate in a Europe Day event “Europe is in your hands” with keynote speakers from the European Parliament Office in Crete

On Thursday 9/5/2019 we were hosted at the Museum of Natural History of Crete. The students got acquainted with the exhibits and had fun with a gymkhana carried out entirely with ICT (group questions and answers via mobile phones)

Then at the Museum’s auditorium we screened the film that our students made about the History of Crete. The day ended with plenty of laughter and applause and a meal by the sea on the coastline of Heraklion.

On Friday 10/5/2019 we started out with the Olympic Games. Sack-racing, egg spoon racing and apple bobbing all part of the competition. Winners and losers got treated to candies and chocolates. 

Then there was the road safety march. The bikers club that helped organize the event impressed us with their motorcycles lined up outside the school. Police helped block roads to make the march safe. We started from the school premises and arrived at Liberty Square where we stayed informing passers-by and taking pictures with police equipment.

In the afternoon there was the award of diplomas and the farewell party. Until the next time!