The second day of the meeting ended with the activity “Olympic Games”. Since the Olympic Games originated in Greece, we thought it would be suited to include them in our program. It consisted of two parts: a presentation where we briefly talked about the history of the Games and then watched a couple of videos, as well as some more interactive Scratch games.

In order to prepare for the presentation we had to research information online about the history of the Olympic Games up until the modern times and also pick out the videos that were shown. Even though we faced some technical difficulties, it all worked out great in the end! For the second part of the “Olympic Games” activity, the Scratch games, students of our school had to program the games themselves, make them (quite literally!)from scratch! Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we weren’t able to all play physical games together as we had originally planned, however, with the help of our talented students and teachers we managed to play some anyway, even if it was virtual.