Day by day description of the meeting

Day 1 (19 April 2021)

We first greeted our international friends from each country and town and also our school’s principal gave his welcome speech. Afterwards we some the ice breaking activities took place. The first activity was writing your feelings down on the padlet app regarding this project. Each student wrote his/her name , country and feelings about the project, some were exited and others sad because they couldn’t be here. Afterwards, every student drew three different subjects on a piece of paper, the coronavirus, a statement animal of each country and lastly the outline of the Europe continent. In the end if anybody wanted, showed what he/she drew. For the last activity we splitted up in 8 teams and in each one a leader was set . The leader wrote down the team’s members’ country, name and two other characteristics. Then they announced the results to everybody.

The second activity was a presentation about our school via a PowerPoint and a video by our students Antonia and Michaela .As the students couldn’t be here we tried our best to present our school as close as possible.

After a little break we continued with the activity ” Turist guides”. Elpida and Lydia presented to us the town of Chania with a PowerPoint and a video describing our town and then a Kahoot game followed up, with questions about the presentation. In the end as we couldn’t take the students for a walk in our town, we showed them a small video in order to make up for it.

A teachers only meeting was next on the schedule  and the rest of the students said goodbye.

Day 2 (20 April 2021)

On the second day four activities were held. Τhe first activity was that of “Museum-Gymkhana”. We began our day by presenting the museum of Eleftherios Venizelos, through a three part presentation (power point, timeline, virtual tour of his house) brought by Argiro, Stelios and Olga. With the information gained from this first activity, students were then challenged to complete a 10 question kahoot game, the winner of which earned a prize.

Then the presenter of the day, Sophia, proceeded to explain the second activity of the day, „Eurotravelles in Time”, a video created by our school’s students, which contained information about Crete throughout the years. Before our short break, students and teachers had a little fun completing two related puzzles and since our time was limited, whoever finished first received a reward.

The third activity of the day was called «seeds of Europe» where Michaela and Antonia mainly talked about (literally) seeds and herbs found in Chania. The second day came to an end with a PowerPoint (presented by Lefteris and Asimenia) and a video about the Olympic games, followed by three small games created on Scratch(programming tool).

The day came to an end with two representative videos of the town of Chania about the people and the traditions.

Day 3 (21 April 2021)

The third and final day of the program consisted of two main activities and the evaluation of the meeting along with the closing ceremony. We started with a PowerPoint presentation about stereotypes (presented by Lefteris and Elpida) and then we moved on to a kahoot game, however this time with no correct answers. The results of this game were commented out by our sociology teacher Mr. Solanakis.

Stelios and Asimenia then continued with «Cyberhelpers», firstly with a PowerPoint presentation, then with a video created by our school’s students and lastly by working in international groups in order to fill in a questionnaire about the video. And since this was the last meeting of the virtual trip to Chania the evaluation of the meeting couldn’t have been left out, that’s why each student and each teacher answered an individual questionnaire regarding to these three days in general.

As a farewell, students voted between six songs and two of them (Wind of Change by Scorpions and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran) were sung live by Sofia, along with a few more songs that students from Heraklion had prepared (one of them was actually polish!). Some students from Poland showed us some dance moves and the students from Spain also tried performing two spanish songs live. For the very last activity we guided our foreign friends to dance Syrtaki, Greece’s signature dance, through a tutorial video that we had filmed at school, showing step by step how it is danced along with the music and since the polish team was at school, they tried dancing Syrtaki! We all laughed! This last fun activity marked the end of Chania’s meeting and «Passport to Europe» in general. Most teachers and some students then proceeded to express their feelings and their gratitude for participating in the program, we all said our final goodbye and wished that hopefully we someday meet again!