Students’ reports – Chania

6o EPA. L Irakliou students report on the 4th (virtual) mobility at GEL El. Venizelou Chania:

During the Erasmus program I had an absolute wonderful time because it was a new experience for me, I met new people that I enjoyed talking with them and also sharing some hobbies and other stuff and I really hope the next time we are will meet in person. /Charonitis Emmanouil/

My experience was interesting in the beginning because it was something new. I am saying that I prefer face to face because you communicate better. I enjoy myself and  I hope to do it again  /Dagalakis Nikolaos/

This year΄s Erasmus was rather different. Although it was through a screen, I still felt excited and willing to talk to the participants from the other countries. Unfortunately I felt like the communication and the chance to get to know other people was missing, but it was expectable. Taking into account all the difficulties, it was a very fun experience! /Daskalakis Michail/

The Erasmus program was so interesting. I learned so many things about other countries and it was so exciting because it was well organized!/Erezoglou Nikolaos/

It was a special experience to participate in this program, as it was the first time it was done online, despite the difficulties brought to us by the pandemic where we live, the organizers, students and teachers did a great job and thus managed to present to us  in a very pleasant way all that they prepared so affectionately for all of us, through this program I met people from many parts of the world, I traveled even with the imagination in the wonderful city of Chania, the local cuisine and culture, but I also learned a lot  interesting topics about Eleftherios Venizelos, from the first moment I felt very comfortable and it was really an unforgettable experience, congratulations to all those who worked for this result. /Farsarakis Theodosis-Rafail/

It’s was a very interesting experience and and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to participate, the best part of the program for me was the interactive games but also the ice breaking games where I had a great time. /Georgiadis Emmanouil-Achileas/

It was an interesting experience. We meet new people and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately we had to do it through internet. Hope another time we meet face to face!/Orfanoudakis Charalampos/

Erasmus program was great because we met new people from around thw world and we learned things about their countries /Papadakis Spyridon/

The Erasmus program was an amazing experience that I would love to participate in again in the future. We had the chance to meet people from other counties and communicate with each other in order to exchange our ideas and hobbies. Everything was well planed and I believe that every single one of us enjoyed those activities. Congratulations to all for their fantastic work!! /Petridou Artemis-Enodia/

It was a very interesting experience meeting new people and doing stuff together. /Ritov Dragomir/

I enjoy these days because I learned new information and I made some new friends. Also the project was interested but if we were live I believe that we would have a better experience. /Triamakis Michail/

Erasmus program was fun because I made new friends from other countries! I did not like doing it this way cause of corona virus. I hope I can travel to these countries after pandemic so I can meet my new friends in real life.

Finally the impact of the project was such that we had a former student willing to participate as alumni to help the mobility. /Xepapas George/

These 3 days of ERASMUS Pass2EU were amazing. Students and teachers from Chania did a fantastic work. I met a lot of people nad had so much fun. Wish to meet you everyone in real life one day. /Vasileva Ivona/