Polish students’ reports and impressions of the 4th mobility

Polish students’ reports and impressions of the 4th mobility (virtual meeting, host – CHANIA)

1) During these 3 days, I was charged with a maximum of good emotions.  These were unforgettable 3 days. Everyone was very open, interesting and funny.  On the first day we met friends from Spain and Greece, it was very interesting to meet foreigners.  On the second and third days, we got to know the culture of Greece, played different games, passed tests, and talked. I remember very much when our friends from Greece performed world hits, a Polish song and a Spanish song – it was fantastic.  I really hope that our next projects will be permanent and we will be charged with maximum positive. /ALISA/

2) On the first day of online meetings of the project, mainly introduced ourselves and got to know each other. On the second day, we watched presentations about other countries and took photos in the project’s T-shirts. On the third day there was an activity in which participants showed their pre-prepared skill demonstrations. After watching all the shows our friends prepared a dance. Then we all sat down to the table and ate pizza and Greek salad together. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t like, but the coolest day was the third day./KACPER CZ./

3) On the first day we greeted schools from abroad, there were two schools from Greece and one from Spain. Around 11 or 12 o’clock we had group work with two students from Spain and two from Greece. Then we did quizzes from the Kahoot application about the presentation presented by the Greeks.
On the second day, we listened to the Spanish school presenting its presentation about its country and again we were solving quizzes on Kahoot about this presentation. Then we put together online puzzles on time and mini games about Olympic games, my friend and I had 100 points. After the meeting, we went in front of the school to take pictures.
On the third day we had the end of the whole project and our meeting with the Spaniards and the Greeks. When we said goodbye, we watched the things that were presented by the schools. Greece prepared a song in our native language which is Polish, it was a song by Dawid Podsiadło, the Spaniards had problems with showing their show, and girls from our school from grade 3 danced in front of the camera .At the end, we danced a Greek dance and ate pizzas and went to our homes.
Honestly, I really enjoyed the whole meeting and I will have fond memories of this project. /KACPER SZ./

4) First of all, I want to thank everyone who organized the meeting and participants. That was amazing, talking to new people, making new friends and listening about different cultures.
There weren’t any „language barriers” and that made it much easier to talk to people, because everyone has and had an accent (Spanish, Polish or Greek ) and no one made fun of it, it’s natural. International activities in groups consisted of 5-6 students were a good and correct way to make students got along with each other, no stress or pressure . We were talking a lot about nowadays problems, such as bullying (cyber, physical and psychological). Also about respect and things we should think about , before making any decisions, such as creating social media accounts, commenting someone's photo or video. The only sad thing was, that we were at homes(on-line), but I hope we will meet up one day .
Personally, for me, I met a good friend, thanks to international activities and that’s only one proof , that meeting was impressive.
Teachers were open and hospitable(even on-line) and it was pleasure listening to their traditions, cultures and facts about their country(towns/ cities).
I’m so happy that I took part in these kind of activities. /MIKHAIL/

5) On the first day, at 9 a.m we opened the 4th project entitled “PASSPORT TO EUROPE”.
Then each school showed its presentations and did kahoot. Also on the first day we painted the virus and the animal associated with our country.
For the next day we took photos in the project T-shirts  and did tasks in grupe.
On the third day, there are every school demonstration of what they prepared. Our friends from Polish school danced. After that we set and ate pizza and Greek salad together. During 3 days. During the 3 days I enjoyed all the lectures and as it was done. it was a lot of fun to learn. /OLIWIER/

6) Monday :
On Monday  we started at 9. We went to our classes and logged on the link of Mr. Pavlos. I worked with Natalia. At the beginning was the ceremonial opening of the first virtual meeting.
School presentation was very  interesting and you can see that the students with teachers from Chania did their best. Later there was a short group work. I was in group 2. Working in a group was about introducing and telling about yourself. It was a very nice conversation.
There was a break. We went back for the last presentation activity “tourist Guides”.and that  was the end of Monday.
We started at 9. We started with Activity “Museum Gymkhana” Museum of Eleftherios Venizelos and the next activity “Eurotravels in time”. We watched a movie and then each of us played kahoot. There was a break the same time. After the break the Greek school continued Activity “Seeds of Erope and very interesting Activity “Olympic Games”. I liked the last on the most day. There was a very interesting game in which I got 190 Points.
This is the secondday.
Wednesday :
We also started the last day at 9. We The first lesson was about stereotypes. It was more interesting than was the summary of kahoot. From the kahoot and presentations one cloud learns many superstitions about European Countries. Then there were lessons on cyberhelpers and danger on the internet. Once again group work and a discussion that opens your eyes to how dangerous the internet really is. The next Traditional break. In the end each school sang or danced something (Poland dance). In Greece one of the girls sang songs in Poland languages. At the end we all talked about these 3 days together and ate pizza.

The emotions that accompanied me for three days were only positive. It was very fun to talk in English and meet with others for a while. But it would still be much more interesting to see them all, and all of them live. /WIKTORIA P./

7) Monday, the 19th of April
It was the opening of a project meeting.We were divided into groups where we got to know each other.There were ice breaking activities.We were watching a school presentation. The last activity was “Tourist Guides” about Chania Old Town.After that, we did Quizz.Where I took second place and got an award from our partners from Chania.
My impressions from the meeting were very nice. I liked the virtual city tour the most. Everything was properly prepared, you could see that our partners were doing their best.
Tuesday, the 20th of April
The meeting started with activity Museum of “ Eleftherios Venizelos”.After that we did Quizz.The second activity was  “Euro Travellers in time”.Also,after the activity we did Quizz to consolidate our knowledge.The third activity was Seeds of Europe .At the end of our meeting we were doing the activity “Olympic Games”.Also, we were playing some games and memorising  new information about history of Olympic Games.
My impressions from the meeting were very nice.I learned a lot of interesting facts.
Wednesday, the 21st of April
The first activity was “Stereotypes” and then we played Quizz.The second activity was “Cyberhelpers”.During this activity we were divided into groups of several people and we did tasks together.After that we were having the Evaluation of the meeting.At the end of our last meeting we had the Closing ceremony , where we were dancing and singing .
My impressions from the meeting were very nice. But I was a bit sad to say goodbye to our partners. During these three days I learned a lot of interesting facts about our partner country. I was impressed with how well they prepared everything to make it interesting for us. /YELYZAVETA/

8) I was really happy to be there. This meeting is very helpful and interesting. I met a few new friends from Greece and Spain. It gave me the motivation to move on and improve my English. The most important thing I understood – everyone makes mistakes. I don’t have to care about my accent or which words I employ to saying. If people understand me, it means I do everything right :). I hope I will be able to attend this event again in the future. /OLEKSANDR/