WHAT: Hosting students organized a charity race in the school neighbourhood. They were responsible for tracing the route and calculating the distance covered, as well as getting the police permission. The race would take place during the transnational meeting.

WHY: Coexistence among participants and raising funds for a local NGO or Foundation would be the main aims of this mini-project.



Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5






1. Trace the route and the distance covered. 1. Investigate which athletes (mainly from Guadalajara) could come to the race. 1. Type of race. 1. Design commemorative T-shirts. 1. Report every single step of this activity.
2. SchoolInsurance. 2. Make an invitation with a summary of our activity. 2. Make the event publicity. 2. Which charity organization will benefit from this race? 2. Interview some participants and the winners.
3. Policepermission. 3. Look for sponsors (banks, supermarkets, sports councelor …)
  • Students were in charge of preparing the itinerary, designing and requesting numbers, asking for official permission (police, town hall…), designing the t-shirts, being sure that the local police was covering the event… 
  • Ana Lozano, national and international athlete, attended the event, spoke with the students about the importance of sport and gave the medals to the winners. 
  • A member of the official committee of athletics group of referees and delegate in Guadalajara, José Luis Oses, collaborated at the goal controlling the students’ arrivals. 
  • We received several solidary contributions and the money raised was given to the Criscancer association. They are going to build two rooms in the Paz hospital for children with cancer.