Activity 8 – OLYMPIC GAMES

2nd Transnational Meeting 

Iraklion May 2019


For the Olympic games we prepared a race challenge with traditional children and folk games. These included:

sack-racing – students take a large sack used for olives, place both feet in it and run while holding it.

Egg spoon racing – students balance an egg on a spoon and have to complete a round avoiding obstacles without dropping the egg.

Cotton bud racing – students apply cream to their nose and stick a cotton bud which they have to carry across the room without dropping it and place it in a plate without using their hands.

Apple bobbing – students try to catch an apple from a water filled basin without hands using only their mouth 

Students competed in twos, had to start with sack racing and finish all games successfully.

The games took place in the school multiple uses auditorium and candies were awarded to all winners.