Students’ reports – Chania. Poland Mobility

Poland Mobility .

I was very lucky that I had the chance to participate in the Erasmus+ program and travel to Poland. It was a week full of experiences, tour guides and incredible moments with other students from Spain, Poland and Heraklio. We learned a lot about Poland since we lived their daily lives. There was great cooperation, cheerful spirit and much energy for all the activities. Personally, the most interesting and touching visit that I will never forget, was the concentration camps in Auschwitz. I hope I will have the opportunity to take part in another Erasmus program in the future and I’m looking forward to returning their hospitality and showing them our Cretan culture. /Ioanna /

Our travel to Poland was an unforgettable experience thanks to which I got informed about a lot of things through the tour guides, the activities and the hosting families. The guided visit I liked the most was in Auschwitz, despite all the cruel things that happened there. I liked all the activities because they helped us to get to know each other better. Also, I was really pleased to be treated like a member of the family at the house I stayed. It was an experience that I would love to repeat without changing anything at all.  /Maria /

Our school trip to Poland was a remarkable experience. I saw new places, met new people and their way of living. The places we visited were special. The salt mines were impressive. I had never thought that a place like that ever existed. We visited Auschwitz, where innocent people lost their lives and we were really moved. The Wawel Castle with its church and the number of buildings situated around it, the town with its tram and its regular transportation services were great. Their cuisine was exceptional, spicier than the Greek one. Generally, it was a beautiful country but maybe hard to move around in the cold days of winter. /Lampis /