WHY: We wanted our students to be European citizens in its broader meaning, to eliminate myths about other countries, to learn to keep an open mind towards other people, to acquire a global awareness and understanding of other cultures as it fosters a better understanding of the world. They would also use English a real communicative situation.

WHAT: Students make articles and games about stereotypes.

  1. Cultures: All Arabs are terrorists.
  2. We propose different types of stereotypes to work on:
  3. Racial: All black are good athletes.
  4. Gender and sexual: Men are the backbone.
  5. Groups of Individuals: Goths wear in black and are depressed.

Students had different cards with the name of different countries (Greece, Poland and Spain) which they would use to name the country the meant. Sometimes they had to show, for example, who dances the best? And then, the students had to dance, we ended up all dancing La Macarena and Paquito el Chocolatero…