What is this?

The competition was announced at the school as part of the project: Passport to Europe. Each first and second class must prepare by the end of February two small crops, kept in pots from secondary raw materials.

How to do it?

In the first pot we sow the seeds of any chosen spice plant used in Polish cuisine.
In the second pot we plant the cleansing plant that cleans the air in the room. An irrigation system from recyclable materials should be constructed for this pot.
It is necessary to describe the flower pots: class, name of plant (Polish and Latin)
Flower pot 1: how do we use the spice?
Flower pot 2: from what kind of pollution the given plant cleans the air.

Until when?

From 1 to 13 March, in English lesson, a description of both seedlings should be made: performance, raw materials, description of plants, purpose of cultivation.
IMPORTANT! Examples of plants fighting against smog are presented on the notice board in the main school lobby.

On March 14, teachers conducting this competition will judge your ingenuity.

Criteria for the assessment of cultivation:

1. Condition of plants.
2. Use of secondary raw materials.
3. The originality of the idea for the irrigation system.
4. The correctness of the language presentation in English.
5. Aesthetics of performance.